martes, 24 de agosto de 2021

So very special

 Hola Corazones,

Espero que estéis pasando una buena semana, por aquí, como siempre, disfrutando de mucho calor, y de playa también, aunque hoy hace viento, cosa que agradecemos.

Os traigo una tarjeta tipo scrap que hice hace un tiempo, pero que no había publicado. Para crearla, he usado cartulinas, flores de papel, glitter, sello de silicona, botones, lana, tag.

Con ella me tomo un café con Bleubeard & Elizabeth, y todo el fantástico equipo del t-party,

Happy T-day !! Os invito a visitar el blog de Elizabeth, participar y también visitar los hermosos blogs del equipo.


I hope you are having a good week, here, as always, enjoying a lot of heat, and the beach too, although today it is windy, which we appreciate.

I bring you a scrap  card that I made a while ago, but had not published. To create it, I have used cardboard, paper flowers, glitter, silicone stamp, buttons, tag.

Then I have a coffee with Bleubeard & Elizabeth, and all the fantastic team of the t-party,

Happy T-day !! I invite you to visit Elizabeth's blog, participate and also visit the beautiful team blogs.

Blog de Elizabeth :

My chocolate with Bleubeard & Elizabeth !

Being big is not a question of size, but of attitude.

Nuestro querido Laky-- Our lovely Laky.

En la próxima publicación os contaré algo sobre esta gata.

In the next post I´ll tell you something about this cat.

                                                                        BE HAPPY !!

Muchas gracias por su visita y sus amables comentarios,

Thank you very much for your visit and your kind comments.


20 comentarios:

  1. That card is so pretty! Love the depth and texture. I'm having coffee, but your chocolate looks delicious. Happy T Tuesday

  2. Such a pretty card. The little blue flowers are so delicate. It is hot and humid where I live and for some reason we equate hot chocolate with Winter. Laky is so cute and I'll look forward to hearing the story about the cat. Happy T Day

  3. I always love that you recycle materials for your lovely cards. This is beautiful and so well done. I love the many layers you created and your great stamping, too. The flowers are a really clever touch.

    Your chocolate looks good and I love that mug you used, too. Love Laky's expression. Thanks for sharing this beautiful card and your chocolate with us for T this Tuesday. I look forward to learning about the cat, too!

  4. Wow that card is so pretty. I really enjoy your blog. That hand bridge is something.

  5. I love your beautiful art Caty, and that mug too. It made me smile. But the biggest smile was that fun nose photo. I love that attitude. Hope you had a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  6. I like your scrap card. Oh, and that mug for your chocolcate drink - so much fun! Your dog looks so cute. Happy T day to you!

  7. A wonderful card, I especially like the lovely flowers and that turquoise color.
    Happy Tea Day,

  8. Lovely card - beautiful flowers!

    Precious dog and yummy chocolate!

    Can't wait for the kitty story.

    Happy T-day!!!

  9. Hi Caty, good to see you posting again. I love your Laky! And the chocolate looks good, too! The card you made is beautiful, so full of loveliness! Have a good week, take care and stay safe! Hugs, Valerie

  10. Hi Caty! Good to see you! Your card is cute. I love the colour.
    That mug that holds your chocolate is really fun. Mr Cool indeed.
    The quote about being is just great. And I love that platform the man is sitting on. Amazing!
    It's good to get a kiss from Laky and I'm looking forward to hearing the story about the cat.
    Happy T-Day,

  11. Hi! sweet card and I love the photo of your dog, too funny! ~ Happy T day ~

  12. Que tarjeta tan bonita, me encantan las flores le dan mucha dimensión y los papeles que has elegidos son preciosos.
    Estoy intrigada con la historia de la gatita, lo cual es normal cuando yo tengo dos bichines también, parece que es una carey, mi Maya es carey y aunque mucha gente no les gusta la mezcla de colores que tienen a mí me parece preciosa. Ya nos contarás la historia. Un abrazo. Bye.

  13. Your card is lovely. Lots of pretty dimension on it. Happy belated t day.

  14. Preciosa tarjeta, y que bueno que disfrutes del verano, aquí sólo hay lluvias...

  15. Hi Caty, lovely to see you posting again, I hope you are well. This is a lovely card and your chocolate looks delicious. I'm sorry I'm late in catching up, I don't seem to have much blogging time since becoming a new Grandma to twins.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  16. That is a very pretty card.

    Happy September Wishes.

    All the best Jan

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